An organization that promotes employee development resulting in successful, prosperous, and happy individuals, who, working as a team, guide our company to grow, prosper, and reach its goals in an environment where everyone is a leader.

Core Values:

  • We have faith in God and we lead and make decisions based on Christian Principles.
  • We will provide service excellence to ensure mutually beneficial and continuing relationships with our customers.
  • We value our fellow employees as individuals and treat them with respect and dignity.
  • We will all lead with integrity and honesty in everything we do.
  • We approach all situations with a positive attitude, knowing every action and decision either leads us to or away from our vision.
  • We share our corporate success by allocating human resources and contributions to those institutions and causes deserving our support.


Standard Companies has served the greater Grand Rapids area since 1904 and the western portion of the state of Michigan for more than 100 years. It has not always operated under the present corporate name, structure, or locations. Standard Companies, Inc. is the parent company of Standard Supply & Lumber, with operations located in Grand Rapids, Ada, Ludington, Montague, Sparta and Standale, Standard Kitchens, with locations in Grand Rapids, Ada, Holland, Ludington, Montague, Sparta and Standale, and Standard Building Systems, a truss manufacturing division located in Walker.

The Company was founded by Omge and Kenelska Rottschafer, who immigrated from the Netherlands to Holland, Michigan, at the turn of the century. After a few years, they moved to Grand Rapids and began a retail business, Standard Feed Company, located just north and across the street from the present corporate building. Within five years they began selling coal and changed the name to Silver Creek Fuel and Feed Company.

During the late twenties, the company moved to the point at which Franklin Street now intersects the 131 Expressway. At that time block, brick, mortar and cement were added to the inventory and feed was eliminated. During the Depression the company moved to its present location at 1535 Kalamazoo Avenue.

During the early forties, the Rottschafers gradually turned company ownership to their five sons, William, Dick, Henry, Peter and John. Under the direction of Dick Rottschafer, the company expanded its operations to Holland, Ionia, Ludington, Sparta and Owosso. This was accomplished through acquisition of small, declining lumber yards around the time World War II began.

During the early seventies, the Company entered the Kitchen cabinet distribution business and Standard Kitchens, Inc., was born. Standard Kitchens was the exclusive distributor of Merillat Cabinets in West Michigan. This division continues to experience solid growth in West Michigan and now distributes multiple lines of cabinets as well as countertops, appliances, fireplaces and closet systems.

In 1972, after the death of Dick and Henry, the board re-organized the management structure. After changes in 1974 and 1990, the following structure emerged:

Roger Rottschafer - Chairman of the Board
Timothy Rottschafer - President
Peter Rottschafer - Vice-President of Purchasing
Ron Webb - Secretary/Treasurer

Roger O. Rottschafer, a son of the late Henry O. Rottschafer, joined the firm in 1954 as a salesman. In 1962 he became Manager of the Grandville branch. In 1970 he returned to Grand Rapids to control credit and accounts receivable. He succeeded his father as Secretary of the Board and later became its Treasurer. In 1973 he was elected President and General Manager, and in 1990 he became Chairman of the Board. Roger retired on December 31, 1996.

Timothy Rottschafer, a son of the late William Rottschafer, became affiliated with the firm in 1965 as a salesman. He was Manager of the Stanwood and Holland locations prior to becoming Manager of the Grand Rapids location. In 1976 he became an officer of the company and was put in charge of sales management and special projects and units. In 1990 he was elected President and is responsible for corporate operations.

Peter Rottschafer, Jr., a son of the late Peter Rottschafer, Sr., joined the firm as a salesman in 1956. After a few years he became active in purchasing, and at the time of re-organization, he became the Vice President of the company and head of all Corporate purchasing and inventory control. Peter retired in September of 2001

Ronald Webb joined the firm in 1971 after being affiliated for a number of years with Walter Kidde Co. He was the Corporate Secretary/Treasurer and responsible for all accounting and computer activities of the company.

The year 2004 marked the 100th anniversary of the company. The small fuel and feed store founded in 1904 has grown to showrooms and stores throughout West Michigan to serving the building products needs of the community.

In 2014 Standard Companies joined forces with U.S. LBM. The partnership with U.S. LBM aforded Standard with greater buying power and a platform for future growth. Tim Rottshafer remained the president to ensure a smooth transition.

Standard Companies continued it's growth pattern with the acquisition of Muskegon, Mich. based Keene Lumber Company in 2016. Keene joined U.S. LBM’s Standard Companies, becoming a division of Standard Supply & Lumber. All employees remained with Keene Lumber Company, which continued to be led by General Manager Kevin Kooi.

Upon Tim Rottshafer's retirement in December of 2016, long time employee Jeff Peel was selected as the new president of Standard Companies. Jeff is committed to continuing the Rottshafer family's strong vision for Standard Companies and maintaining their core values as he leads Standard Companies into the future.

Standard Companies beginnings

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