Boise Cascade® Engineered Wood Products

Boise Cascade® is an industry leader in engineered wood products and are constantly working to develop the best building products that are durable, dependable, and fit the changing needs of residential, multi-family, and commercial applications. Standard Supply & Lumber is a proud supplier of Boise Cascade® and we can always rely on them to get every job done right. 

Why Choose Boise Cascade® Engineered Wood Products?

Faster. Stronger. Easier. 

At Boise Cascade®, there’s never any gimmicks. Their Engineered Wood Products are innovatively designed to withstand even the most rugged conditions. Whether it be rain, snow, or extreme heat, their products are created to meet the needs of builders and homeowners everywhere. By combining strength, technology, and durability, Boise Cascade® has made a name for themselves by providing the most advanced building materials on the market. 

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Benefits of LP’s Engineered Wood Products

There are many benefits of Boise Cascade® engineered wood products when compared to traditional lumber. Here are some of the reasons Standard Supply & Lumber recommends their engineered building materials over traditional lumber:


Boise Cascade® engineered wood products are produced in a controlled factory setting, which makes them much more reliable than other standard wood products. Engineered wood boards and OSB are made up of wood particles that are bonded together, usually using extreme heat and pressure, resulting in little moisture left when the product is finished – ensuring high strength and minimal shrinking. This manufacturing process makes Boise’s engineered wood extremely reliable, no matter what the application.


The engineered wood products from Boise Cascade® are manufactured to suit various conditions and building situations, including roof, floor, and wall sheathing. Every product features outstanding strength, fire protection, and moisture resistance. 


Engineered wood is easy to install and each of Boise’s engineered wood products is precisely cut to match each of the depths of their other products, lessening the work of builders in the field and resulting in easily-installed flat surfaces. Plus, since engineered wood products are remarkably lighter than traditional lumber, installation requires fewer hands, which saves you money.  


Engineered wood products feature all the durability benefits of real wood, with the addition of waterproof adhesives. These adhesives add an extra layer of durability, decreasing the risk of cracking, bending, warping, etc. And since engineered wood is manufactured in a factory with high test requirements, there’s very little potential for the material flaws that occur naturally in traditional lumber. 


The team at Boise Cascade® is dedicated to managing its operations’ environmental footprint. They rely on forests for timber to make their wood products and are committed to managing forests so that there will be an abundance of healthy, diverse forests in the future. They utilize loggers who comply with state and provincial laws to protect conservation values, maintain water quality, and conserve wildlife habitats.

Boise Cascade® Engineered Wood Products Offered by Standard Supply & Lumber

As one of the industry’s finest manufacturers of engineered wood, Standard Supply & Lumber is proud to stand by Boise Cascade® and offer an impressive collection of their Engineered Wood Products. The products we carry include: 

Boise Cascade BCI Joists

If you’re searching for high-performance flooring, look no further than BCI® Joists. Compared to other lumber products, they have 20% greater strength and longer lifespans, with little to no twisting, shrinking, or bowing. With Boise, you’ll always know that your home’s flooring will be square, flat, and quiet. 

BCI® Joists come in standard depth lengths ranging from 9 ½″ to 20″. 

Boise Cascade Versa-Lam LVL

When you need top-tier performance, long lifespans, and unmatched value, Versa-Lam® LVL delivers every time. Versa-Lam laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams and headers work with residential, light commercial, or multifamily products and always offers superior strength, durability, and longevity. 

Versa-Lam® LVL comes in depths designed to match BCI® and AJS® Joists.

Boise Cascade Versa-Stud LVL

Versa-Stud® laminated veneer lumber (LVL) framing features a wide array of benefits, including superior performance standards, strength, consistency, and water resistance. When you use Boise Cascade Versa-Stud LVL, you can always count on having strong, stiff, straight walls with smooth surfaces. 

Versa-Stud® LVL comes in standard depth lengths ranging from 3 ½″ to 9 ¼″ and widths of 1 ½″. 

Boise Cascade Rimboard

Give your floor the lateral support it needs with Boise Cascade® OSB Rimboard. These one-step rim boards are designed for use with BCI® and AJS® Joists and offer outstanding strength and consistency. Boise Cascade Rimboard handles seismic and high wind loads and eliminate the need for squash blocks and other complicated framing details for load transfer.

Boise Cascade Rimboard is sized to the exact depth of BCI and AJS Joists.