Standard Supply & Lumber has been your trusted, local source for lumber for over 100 years. As experts in the industry, we’re able to help you find the type, grade, and size of lumber you need for your construction or remodel project — and we’re able to deliver it directly to your jobsite. For quality lumber and even better service, choose Standard.

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With five full-service lumber yards, we have the inventory you need in the convenient location you need it. Stop by one of our locations to talk with an expert and browse our selection.

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Types of Lumber

Different projects require different types of lumber. At Standard Supply & Lumber, you can trust us to guide you toward the correct one. Our collection includes dimensional lumber, wall panels, and engineered wood products — all in various wood types and grades. 

Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber is wood that’s cut into various predetermined sizes. We carry common sizes (2×4’, 2×6’, 2×8’, 2×10’, and 2×12’), but we’re also able to customize lengths to fit your project needs. Because of its sizing versatility, dimensional lumber can be used for a variety of small and large project applications, from wall framing to making furniture. 

Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood products (EWP) are man-made, and are composed of various types of wood and adhesives. The addition of adhesives make EWP a stronger, more durable alternative to some natural woods. Oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood are two examples of EWP we carry.

Standard Lumber partners with Boise Cascade® for high-quality EWP products for your project.

Wall Panels

Manufactured wall panels are built in a controlled environment to ensure consistent quality and efficient production. They can be customized to fit your unique project specifications, at sizes that fit custom floor plans. If you’re a commercial builder or renovator, wall panels can do wonders in minimizing construction waste, streamlining project timelines, and saving you money. 

Leading Lumber Brands

Lumber is the foundation of any start-to-finish construction project, so it must be top-notch quality. To provide great product for our customers, we work with leading lumber companies we trust for sturdy, sustainably sourced lumber, including:

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