TimberTech® Decking

Want to spend more time enjoying your deck, and less time maintaining it? TimberTech® may be your answer. As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of PVC and composite decking, TimberTech® is dedicated to helping homeowners live in their homes — not settle. That’s why we’re proud to carry their lines at Standard Supply & Lumber.

Why TimberTech®?

The days of natural wood decks are coming to an end. It’s clear that PVC and composite decking are the latest and greatest players in the decking game. Offering outstanding durability, classic appeal, and stress-free maintenance, there’s no better way to upgrade your outdoor oasis. 

TimberTech® has been at the forefront of these innovations. Here are a few reasons we’re proud to carry TimberTech® products.

Innovative Technology

With cutting-edge capping technology, highly controlled manufacturing facilities, and rigorous testing protocols, TimberTech® has lead the way in composite decking innovations. They invest in the resources, systems, and people needed to develop products that will meet homeowners’ needs and wishes — and they’re not done yet. We expect they’ll carry their legacy on and deliver outstanding products well into the future.

Industry-Leading Warranty

A great deck should be built to last, standing the test of time and weather events. TimberTech® not only manufactures durable, long lasting decking but also backs their products up with industry-leading warranties. Warranties vary from product line to product line, but you can be assured you’ll get great coverage no matter what option you choose.

Commitment to Sustainability

When you choose a TimberTech® PVC or composite decking solution, you contribute to saving forests, help cut down on landfills, and conserve water. TimberTech®’s composite decking boards are made with up to 80% recycled materials. In 2021 alone, the company diverted 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills.

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Benefits of TimberTech® Composite Decking

The benefits of composite decking over wood decking are highly apparent, but what about the benefits of TimberTech® composite decking specifically? Here’s what sets TimberTech®’s composite product lines apart. 

Highly Durable 

TimberTech® composite decking has a proprietary, protective polymer cap that enhances durability and prevents cracking, splintering, and peeling. Match that with warranties of up to 30 years and you’re on track to enjoy a beautiful, functional deck for years to come.

Variety of Colors

TimberTech®’s composite decking line comes in over 20 beautiful colors. Choose from natural hues like white, tan, brown, and gray, all in various shades. 

Low Maintenance

Arguably the biggest benefit of a composite deck; it requires no sanidng, staining, or sealing — ever. If your deck withstands some dirt or spills, simply rinse it off with the hose. Easy peasy!

Fade, Stain, and Moisture Resistant

The protective polymeer cap on TimberTech® composite decking locks in rich color and blocks out stains. Whatever color you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing it will always look the same as the first day it was installed. You also don’t need to worry about rotting from exposure to moisture.

Benefits of TimberTech® PVC Decking

TimberTech®’s Advanced PVC Decking line offers unparalleled performance to anything else on the market. Here are some of the top benefits customers can enjoy.

Highly Durable

Similar to the composite selection, TimberTech®’s PVC decking products won’t splinter, crack, peel, or rot. Plus, most of the warranties on PVC products are extended even further than composite ones.

Variety of Colors

There’s an equally great variety of colors in TimberTech®’s PVC line of products. Browns, grays, tans, and whites are all options, so you can choose what fits your style preferences best.

Low Maintenance

Don’t worry about sanding, staining, or sealing — ever. A TimberTech® PVC deck only requires a rinse of hose water to get it back to its original condition.

Fade, Stain, Moisture, and Fire Resistant

Whatever mother nature throws your way, TimberTech® PVC decking can handle it. No need to worry about fading, staining, or rotting from overexposure to moisture. If you live in a fire zone, you can also be assured that TimberTech®’s PVC options feature Class A Flame Spread ratings and WUI compliance. 

Barefoot Friendly

Beauty is one thing. Comfort is another. There’s no sense in having a beautiful deck if you can’t walk on it, sit on it, and enjoy it to its fullest. Fortunately, TimberTech®’s PVC decking line is barefoot friendly, meaning it’s up to 30 degrees coolor and offers 40% better traction than competing brands.

TimberTech® Products Offered at Standard Supply & Lumber

Below are the TimberTech® decking products you can purchase at your local Standard Supply & Lumber location.

TimberTech® Composite Decking

Legacy,  Reserve, Terrain, Premier, Prime, and Prime+ collections. Please contact us to inquire about available color options.

TimberTech® Advanced PVC Decking

Vintage, Landmark, and Harvest collections. Please contact us to inquire about available color options.

TimberTech® Railings

Select railings are available at select Standard Supply & Lumber locations. Please contact us to inquire about availability.