CertainTeed® Roofing

At our Standard Zeeland Roofing & Supply location, we proudly provide the highest quality roofing materials for your projects — complete with technical experts, deep inventory, and the right equipment to ship product directly to the job site. We’ve partnered with CertainTeed® in order to provide our clients with durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally-friendly materials. When you choose CertainTeed® for your roofing needs, you can be confident you’re using a reliable product that will perform as you need it to. 

Why Choose CertainTeed® Roofing

As a proud CertainTeed® distributor, we carry their extensive range of top-of-the-line roofing materials. Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, you can be confident you’re choosing materials from an industry-leading manufacturer. Discover the additional reasons we proudly carry CertainTeed® roofing materials below. 

Durable Construction

CertainTeed® is known within the industry for providing high-quality roofing materials that perform against the elements. From their reliable impact resistance to their superior wind uplift protection, you can be confident in the durable construction of CertainTeed® shingles. With their industry-leading durability, CertainTeed® shingles offer reliable protection that will guard your home for many years to come. 

Wide Selection of Colors and Styles

Whether you’re working on commercial or residential projects, CertainTeed® offers an expansive selection of material, style, and color options to suit your project’s needs. With product lines that emulate the appearance of a wood shake while providing the durability of asphalt, you can achieve the desired aesthetic you want for your home while having confidence in its durability and longevity. From asphalt to metal, you’re sure to find the material performance and appearance you’re looking for. 

Industry-Leading Warranties

CertainTeed® stands behind the durability of their product, offering several warranties designed to give you confidence in their products. Options include a StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty and a limited lifetime warranty. To learn more about the warranties available for each line of shingles, explore CertainTeed®’s product lines below. 

Standard Zeeland Roofing & Supply’s CertainTeed® Roofing Collections

After settling on CertainTeed® roofing materials, how do you decide which line of shingles is right for your project? We discuss their three most popular lines in depth below. 

Landmark Shingles

The Landmark line of shingles from CertainTeed® is one of the most popular with our customers. A step above the rest, Landmark shingles offer the right blend of quality and value with their dual-layer durability and heavyweight construction. 

Landmark shingles are considered heavy-duty because they contain more asphalt than their competitors’ shingles. This means that your home is more protected by these shingles due to their increased durability, impact resistance, and long-term value. Additional benefits of the Landmark line include a lifetime-limited warranty from CertainTeed®, a Class A fire-resistance rating, and a 10-year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty. 

Landmark PRO Shingles

Landmark PRO shingles offer the durability and longevity you expect with the Landmark line but with even thicker construction. Landmark PRO shingles offer a thicker layer of asphalt that provides additional weight and durability for your projects. 

In addition to providing an added level of durability, Landmark PRO shingles are also available in a wider range of colors from CertainTeed®’s Max Def color line. The StreakFighter algae resistance warranty is 15 years instead of the 10 years offered by their Landmark line. When looking for elevated durability and appearance, the Landmark PRO line delivers. 

Grand Manor® Luxury Shingles

CertainTeed®’s Grand Manor® shingles are top of the line. The luxury shingles have randomly placed tabs with shadow lines, giving the finished product incredible dimension — almost similarly to a natural slate roof. Grand Manor® shingles are currently available in four appealing color palettes.

Plus, you can rest assured that Grand Manor® shingles’ beauty won’t go away anytime soon. CertainTeed®’s exclusive Super Shangle® construction offers a design with five layers of protection against the elements. Along with that, you can enjoy Class A fire resistance, StreakFighter algae resistance, wind warranties, and a lifetime-limited warranty. 

Roofing Accessories

In addition to providing industry-leading shingles, CertainTeed® also provides the reliable roofing accessories you need to complete your project. Their line of accessories includes: 

  • WinterGuard Roofing Underlayment
  • Roof Runner Felt
  • 4’ Ridge Vent
  • 28’ Rolled Ridge
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