How Much Will a Bathroom Remodel Boost My Home’s Resale Value?

There are a multitude of home improvement projects you can complete to boost your home’s resale value. And upon doing some research to determine which ones result in the highest return on investment, or ROI, you’re most likely to run across big projects like kitchen remodels, outdoor living space additions, and roof replacements. 

But there’s also a lot of value to uncover within the smaller areas of your home, like your bathroom. Bathroom remodels have potential for great ROI, but that dollar amount depends heavily on which specific features you choose to remodel. Let’s compare a few bathroom remodel projects to see which may give you the most bang for your buck. 

4 Bathroom Remodel Projects and their Estimated ROIs

There are four main components of any beautiful and functional bathroom: cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and flooring. While renovating all of these components at once is ideal in terms of ROI, sometimes you’re just looking to get your feet wet in the world of DIY projects, you need a smaller project to tackle, and/or your budget only allows you to take things one step at a time. 

Thus, it’s time to prioritize. Here’s a list of high-value bathroom renovation projects and their estimated ROI levels, from highest to lowest. 

1. Replacing Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathrooms need to store various towels, toiletries, and personal care products. Unfortunately, they don’t usually offer an adequate amount of square footage to do that. But having a good organizational system can make all the difference. 

How do you achieve that? High-quality cabinetry

Replacing your bathroom cabinetry generally results in a high bathroom remodel ROI because it not only elevates your bathroom’s design but also its functionality. Being able to reduce clutter and maintain a clean space is a huge benefit that future prospective buyers will undoubtedly be looking for. 

Many remodelers choose to replace their current bathroom cabinetry with a selection that closely matches their kitchen cabinetry, which is great in creating a cohesive home aesthetic. However, make sure to remember that kitchen cabinets are a little different than bathroom cabinets in terms of sizing and plumbing accessibility. 

Looking for some high-quality cabinetry brands? We recommend Gallery, Merillat, Omega, and UltraCraft

2. Installing a New Bathroom Countertop 

Installing a new bathroom countertop is also a great way to boost your home’s resale value. Today’s prospective buyers are looking for sleek, modern finishes, so it’s beneficial to bring your countertops up to par with that desire. 

In most cases, natural stone countertops like granite and quartz offer the highest levels of both beauty and durability. However, there are also some more budget-friendly options like laminate that can hold up and suit your dream aesthetic just as well. 

Looking for some high-quality countertop brands? We recommend Cambria and Corian

3. Updating Bathroom Flooring

Between spritzy showers, bubbly bathtubs, and the occasional leaky or overflowing toilet (ugh!), bathroom floors can get pretty wet, pretty quickly. So if you’ve been getting by on old hardwood — or, even worse, carpet — upgrading to a newer, more durable, and water-resistant option is definitely a worthy investment. 

Your best bet is to give ceramic tile, engineered hardwood, or vinyl plank a try. Each of these options is water-resistant and easy to clean and maintain — all while adding a much-needed, renewed sense of elegance to your bathroom.

4. Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures and Appliances

Finally, upgrading bathroom fixtures and appliances is a subtle, yet substantial way to improve your bathroom’s design and boost its estimated value. Of course, you’ll want to replace anything that’s broken or dysfunctional first — but make sure to also pay attention to small details like faucets and cabinetry hardware, as they all come together to create a comprehensive and practical design. 

Recently many homeowners and remodeling contractors have started implementing more energy-efficient fixtures and appliances, such as low-flow toilets and showerheads. Not only do these products help reduce your environmental footprint, but they also work to lower your home’s monthly utility bills. And in the eyes of a future prospective buyer, that’s a huge win. 

Get Help from Professionals to Maximize Your Bathroom Remodel ROI

While many of these small renovation projects can be done DIY-style, it’s often beneficial to get help from a professional or two — especially if your goal is to maximize your bathroom remodel ROI. Whether it be chatting with a bathroom designer or hiring a full-service design and remodeling team, hiring a professional can help ensure a job well done, and a job that will bring in the most profit come time to sell. 

Ready to start a bathroom remodel? By working alongside the experts at Standard Kitchens, we can assure your project is in good hands. We’ll work with you to identify your project goals, find the products you’re looking for, and design the new bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Give our team a call or contact us online for more information.