What’s the Difference Between a Slab Door and a Prehung Door? 

If you’re on the hunt for a new door, you’ve probably come across two options: slab or prehung. Both options are great, but depending on the installer and application, one option may be a better choice than the other. 

So, what exactly is the difference between prehung and slab doors? And how do you know which one to purchase for your home? Read on:

Prehung Doors: The Pros & Cons

Prehung doors are just what they sound like. They come with the frame and hinges attached, so you have everything you need to install them post-purchase. They can be wood, fiberglass, or steel. Their three main components are the door slab, frame, and hinges, but many also come with pre-cut frames for strike plates, pre-cut mortises, and pre-cut door knob holes.


  • No need to build a frame from scratch
  • Pre-attached hinges
  • Quick installation
  • Guaranteed tight fit for weatherproofed exterior doors


  • Can be heavy (50-100 pound minimum) and difficult to transport
  • Usually more expensive than slab doors

Slab Doors: The Pros & Cons

Slab doors are, simply put, slabs of wood, fiberglass, or steel. They do come with a pre-cut door knob hole, but, unlike prehung doors, slab doors do not come with any frame, hinges, or hardware attached. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of DIY-ers to attach the slab to an existing door frame or create an entirely new door frame. This definitely requires more work, but the simple design of slab doors actually makes them a better fit for certain applications.


  • More design flexibility (e.g. repurposing a vintage or antique door)
  • Small installation errors aren’t project ruiners if used as an interior door
  • Usually less expensive than prehung doors


  • More work for whoever is installing the door
  • Can be difficult to create a smooth swing and tight fit, which complicates weatherproofing

Slab Door vs. Prehung Door: Which Option is Best For Me? 

Now that you have a better idea of what the difference is between prehung doors and slab doors, you’ll need to decide which one to purchase. Here’s the basic rule: if you are installing a door that is the exact same size and setup as the one you are replacing, buy a slab door. You don’t need the frame or hinges because they already exist, so you might as well save yourself some money.

Slab doors are also best for projects where design is a priority. For example, if you’d like to install a customized door or a refurbished vintage door, slab doors provide the most flexibility. 

Prehung doors, on the other hand, are best for projects with door frames that are either 1) nonexistent or 2) damaged. In these circumstances, prehung doors will save you a lot of time and energy. 

Prehung doors are also better options for exterior doors because their pre-existing frames and hinges guarantee a tight fit for weatherproofing.

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