The Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Needs

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, but it also marks the beginning of harsh winter conditions that can have a significant impact on your home. Ensuring that your home is ready to withstand the cold, wind, snow, and sleet is crucial. We’re here to help with a comprehensive checklist to help you stay on top of all the important fall home maintenance tasks.

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Home’s Exterior

Fall exterior maintenance isn’t an option; it’s a must-do to prepare your property for the winter season. Here are the top five things to make sure you do each year as you watch the colorful leaves fall. 

1. Inspect Your Roof

Check the condition of your roof for any cracks or damages that can allow water to seep in. Repair all the damaged shingles or flashing to ensure your roof is in good shape. 

Or, if your roof has reached its expected lifespan or is past the point of repair, you may consider a full replacement. Check out our list of trusted roofing materials manufacturers, like CertainTeed® and GAF, so you can ensure a solution that gets you through many winters to come.

2. Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts is essential to prevent clogging and keep rainwater flowing correctly. Clogged gutters can lead to water seeping into your foundation, causing mold and mildew.

3. Seal Any Cracks or Air Leaks

Use silicone or caulk to seal any air leaks or gaps around your exterior doors, vents, windows, and other areas where air can escape. Sealing cracks can help reduce energy bills and keep your home comfortable.

Better yet, if you notice a number of cracks or air leaks in any particular component of your home, you may consider a full replacement instead of a simple repair. Stop into one of our showrooms to learn about our selection of windows and exterior doors from top-name manufacturers.

4. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Cut any branches and trees that are too close to your home to avoid causing damage to your roof and siding during windy conditions.

5. Inspect Your Chimney

Inspect and clean the chimney to prevent dangerous chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. This is most often completed by a professional fireplace and chimney technician, and they book up more quickly the closer you get to winter! Schedule as soon as possible.

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Home’s Interior

Although winter conditions more prominently affect the exterior of your home, doing some fall maintenance tasks on the interior will also boost your comfort and safety. Check these five things off your list each year. 

Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing the furnace filter before the heating season starts can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and improve indoor air quality.

Check for Drafts

Check the areas around your doors and windows for drafts. Use weatherstripping and door sweeps to seal any air leaks, or look into purchasing and installing new windows or doors. 

Inspect Your Electrical System

Hire a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system and outlets to ensure they are safe and in excellent condition.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Dryer vents can become clogged with lint and debris, creating a fire hazard. Cleaning the dryer vent is a vital safety measure.

Clean and Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Remove the dust and cobwebs and replace batteries if needed to ensure they are working correctly.

Get Your Fall Maintenance Projects Done with Materials from Standard 

Preparing your home for the winter may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is essential. By following our comprehensive fall home maintenance checklist, you can ensure that your home is in excellent condition and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Remember, investing a little time and effort now can save you tons of heartache, stress, and money down the road. 

If you need to make a repair, replacement, or new build before the winter season hits, we’re happy to help with your project. Stop into one of our showrooms or contact our experts online.