How to Build a Garage on a Budget

If you’re looking to build a garage DIY-style, you know that you’ve got a big project on your hands. But with the right knowledge, tools, and building methods, you’ll have no trouble getting quality work done, on time and on budget. 

Understandably, one thing many handy homeowners want to know before starting to build a garage is how much it’s going to cost them. Having a budget is one thing, but actually sticking to it is another. While approaching the project DIY-style will already save you money on labor costs, you can also cut down your expenses by choosing the most cost-effective building method. In this article, we’ll outline some of the common garage building methods, and give you some insight on which one is best for your budget. 

3 Common Ways to Build a Garage

When it comes to building a garage, there are three common methods that many homeowners choose from: garage kits, stick-built construction, and post-frame construction. All of these options result in great builds, but they do vary in cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore each of them below:

1. Garage Kit

You can find a garage kit at just about any big-box lumber store. They’re convenient kits, filled with all the components you need to build your garage, pre-packaged and ready for assembly. 

However, while garage kits are one of the more convenient, affordable ways to build a garage on a budget, they do have their drawbacks. When what you see in the box is what you get, you’re not left with a ton of choice in terms of materials and style. Instead, you usually get the most basic building components. For some homeowners, this limitation is choice is perfectly fine and the simplicity of assembly is appreciated; for others wanting more aesthetic control, a different option may be better. 

2. Traditional, Stick-Built Garage

Traditional, stick-built garages usually offer DIY-ers the most freedom in terms of design customization. For this reason, this building method is a great choice if you’d like your garage to perfectly match your home. 

Unfortunately, that ability to customize comes at a cost — in terms of both time and money. Stick building is by far the most expensive and labor-intensive building method. You need to buy more materials without the benefit of bulk discount pricing, and you need to put them all together. And since there aren’t any pre-packaged or pre-assembled components, stick building can be a very involved, time-consuming process – unless you have the help of a hired contractor, which adds an additional expense. 

3. Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame construction is a building method that uses large posts and trusses to create a durable building with wide, open interiors. Post-frame buildings are commonly seen in agricultural applications like pole barns, but they also make great garages. They’re fast to install, extremely durable, and are flexible in materials, sizing, finishes, and features. 

Better yet, post-frame construction is very cost-effective. It comes in at a similar price point as garage kits, but offers homeowners a little more customization — as long as they have a bit more comfortability with building or they’re willing to put in just a little bit more work. 

Benefits of Building a Garage with Post-Frame Construction

If you’re looking to build a garage, post-frame construction can be the most durable and cost-effective option. Here’s why:

Quick, Easy Builds

When you’re building your garage DIY-style, you’re usually reliant on your own knowledge and skills. In some cases, you might have a few helpers, but they may or may not have construction experience.

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for post-frame construction. Post-frame construction requires fewer building materials, and therefore fewer hands to put them together. Everything can be built quickly, easily, safely, and effectively — sometimes in a matter of hours. 

Great Value

As stated above, post-frame construction is one of the most cost-effective building methods for garages. Although you can probably find garage kits at similar prices, they don’t always provide the quality and customizable properties you need. A post-frame build is still quite affordable and will offer you the quality resources you need to build a garage that you like and that will last for years to come. 

Customizable Design

Post-frame garages can be customized to suit your wants and needs. Instead of just accepting what’s inside of a garage kit, you can choose how the end result will look. Simply pick the windows, siding, roofing, and doors you like best, then let the post-frame manufacturers work their magic. You’ll end up with a building you’re proud of, that didn’t cost you a ton of time or money to build.

Keep Your Garage Build on Budget With Standard Supply & Lumber’s Post-Frame Construction Materials

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