5 Advantages of Roof Trusses

Roof construction is often the most labor-intensive part of many construction projects. Cutting the rafters, building the trusses, and installing the finished product are all time-consuming processes that can also cost you a lot of money. 

Luckily, there’s an easier, faster way to complete your roofing job: manufactured roof trusses. These trusses are specifically designed and engineered to meet your project’s unique needs and come with many advantages because of that. 

Let’s dive deeper into the five advantages manufactured roof trusses can bring to your next construction project. 

1. Precisely Engineered for Your Job

The first benefit of using manufactured roof trusses is that they are made in a controlled facility, using specialized technology to ensure spot-on accuracy. This eliminates any room for error, so you can stress less about the design and fit of each component as you near installation time. 

Due to this advanced technology, you’re also given more flexibility in roof design. Specifically, if you’d like a more complex design, it’s much easier to achieve it with precise equipment than it is if you were to build and install it by hand. Cross gables and cathedral ceilings are no longer out of the question!

2. Designed for an Open Floor Plan

Another advantage of manufactured trusses is that, since they’re engineered in a facility, they’re able to cover longer distances than traditional builds. Therefore, your homes won’t require as many load-bearing walls.

Reducing the number of load-bearing walls can give you more flexibility in interior design. Open floor plans are highly desired in new homes, and using manufactured roof trusses is one of the simplest ways to achieve that look without overspending. 

3. Durable, High-Quality Product

Manufactured roof trusses aren’t only built with precision in mind, but durability as well. When they’re engineered, every truss is guaranteed to be uniform. You can also be sure you’re getting high quality lumber, tested and proven to give a good build that will last. 

Also, since the trusses are made indoors, there’s no chance of them being warped by any weather conditions like rain, heat, or humidity. 

4. Saved Installation Time

After they’re made in a facility, manufactured roof trusses are delivered straight to your project site. Factories operate during all shifts, so you can expect your trusses to be made and delivered according to your project schedule. You no longer have to wait for good weather and workers to get the job done. 

Once they’re delivered, roof trusses can also be installed much faster than traditional builds. In fact, some of these projects can be done in as little as a few hours. And less on-site installation time means — you guessed it — less money spent. 

5. Reduced Price and Waste

With minimal room for building and installation errors, little on-site installation time, and durable finished products, perhaps the biggest advantage of manufactured roof trusses is their relatively low price. Truss manufacturing facilities have streamlined this process, so it can come at a lower cost to you. In fact, roof trusses can cost anywhere between 30-50% less than traditional on-site framing. 

The streamlined, error-free process also helps minimize any waste associated with roof construction. With less waste, you’ll only have to pay for exactly what you’re receiving. 

Building with roof trusses is a smart, economical, and efficient way to develop the high-quality construction projects you want to deliver, on time and on budget. Standard Lumber is proud to manufacture roof trusses to suit a range of applications. For more information, give us a call or contact us online today.