Outdoor Living Space Must-Haves

Making over your outdoor spaces is quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects to tackle in order to add function, value, and an element of fun to your home. When building your dream outdoor living space, how do you know where to start? From decking materials to outdoor kitchens, there are a few outdoor living space must haves to keep in mind before starting your backyard makeover. 

Here are three building blocks for adding value to your dream outdoor living space. 

3 Options for Adding Value to Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

In addition to adding a functional element to your home, one of the biggest benefits of creating an outdoor living space is that it also adds value. Here are 3 options to help you maximize the value you add to your home by building an outdoor living space: 

  1. Build an amazing deck to serve as an extension of your living space.
  2. Create a durable post frame porch to add functional space for gathering.
  3. Choose outdoor kitchen components to help you maximize your uses for the space.

Let’s dive deeper into each one. 

1. Build a Deck

Adding a deck to your outdoor space can help increase the functionality of your indoor living spaces while creating seamless transition between your home and your beautiful backyard. Incorporating a deck, whether large or small, into your master plans for an outdoor living space should also complement your landscaping and backyard space. 

There are a variety of materials to choose from when building your deck that suit different aesthetics and maintenance needs. If you’re looking for something more low-maintenance that’s still visually appealing, composite decking could be a great choice for you. 

Composite decking blends wood fibers and recycled plastic, creating the most durable decking option available on the market. It also doesn’t require any staining, sanding, or refinishing, making it a low-maintenance option for your outdoor living space. 

Another decking material option is natural wood, ranging from softwoods like cedar and redwoods, to hardwoods like mahogany and tigerwood. Using this natural material adds an organic charm to your new deck, helping it blend seamlessly into your backyard.  

With a wide range of decking materials to choose from at Standard Supply & Lumber, including TimberTech’s lines of composite decking, you’ll be able to choose the appearance and level of durability that your backyard space requires.

Not only does a sturdy deck provide the foundation for your backyard oasis, it also adds value to your home — a win-win! Contact our team today to learn more about your decking and railing options. 

2. Create a Post Frame Porch

Post frame construction is used for a wide range of applications, ranging from agricultural to residential. An affordable and efficient building method for garages, barn stalls, storage, and more, post frame construction works best for applications that need open interior space and a high degree of durability. This makes post frame construction a wonderful choice for outdoor living spaces like porches. 

A post frame porch is a cost-effective way to enhance the functionality of your outdoor living space. Post frame construction doesn’t require a foundation, which helps homeowners save on materials and labor costs. Also, the heavy-duty roof trusses and sturdy posts help ensure that your porch is built to last, meaning you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. 

To find the right post frame construction material for your outdoor living space, request a quote from our team of experts today. 

3. Intentionally Choose Your Outdoor Kitchen Components

When deciding on the outdoor kitchen components for your exterior living space, start with the basics: cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Beyond choosing cabinets and countertops that are highly durable against the elements such as NatureKast cabinetry or Dekton counters, they should also fit the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

When it comes to appliances, there are a variety to choose from based on how you plan on using the space. A gas grill is the most popular choice, while wine fridges, ice makers, kegerators, and pizza ovens are also great choices. 

No matter which appliances, cabinets, and countertops you choose for your outdoor kitchen, they will add to the function and value of your outdoor living space. 

Find Your Outdoor Living Space Must Haves at Standard Supply & Lumber

Let Standard Supply & Lumber help you build your perfect backyard oasis! If you’re in the process of planning your dream outdoor living space, Standard Supply & Lumber can help you find the quality products you need. With various building components, decking materials, and more, we’re your one-stop shop for a backyard reno project. Get in touch with our team online for more information.