Why Use Prefabricated Wall Panels?

At Standard Supply & Lumber, we proudly offer prefabricated wall panels that help our customers in the construction industry stay on schedule and on budget. Continue reading to learn more about prefabricated wall panels, how they’re produced, and the advantages of using them on your next project. 

What Are Prefabricated Wall Panels?

Prefabricated wall panels are sections of wall that are built in a controlled, indoor environment where the manufacturer designs, measures, cuts, and assembles each piece to expertly fit its desired end-use. Instead of framing and building wall panels on the construction site, these wall panel components and trusses are built in a manufacturing facility that also meticulously handles the engineering of these components. From there, the assembled wall panels and trusses are shipped to the job site and installed. 

At Standard Supply & Lumber, we manufacture high-quality wall panel components that meet the strict specifications, timeline, and budget of each project. Our experienced team is highly trained in order to help ensure your project is completed on time and on budget using meticulously engineered components. Contact us today to discuss using our prefabricated wall panels on your next project. 

How Prefabricated Wall Panels Are Made

Our prefabricated wall panels are made with high-quality materials, including dimensional lumber, engineered lumber, and sheathing products. In order to ensure a high-quality product, Standard Supply & Lumber has a separate production center that serves as a controlled environment to assemble our prefabricated wall panels. In this controlled environment, we are able to produce wall panels around the clock, saving you the time and energy of building them on-site. 

In addition to providing a superior product that’s cost-effective and saves time on projects, we also offer exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is diligently trained, using the latest technology to offer streamlined fabrication, delivery, and installation of every prefabricated wall panel.

How Are Prefabricated Wall Panels Delivered?

After meticulously fabricating the wall panels, our shipping department takes extra care in making sure they arrive to you in their intended condition. Our highly experienced shipping manager works alongside an experienced yard team and professional drivers, ensuring your order delivers on time and in good condition.  

So, Why Use Prefabricated Wall Panels?

Using prefabricated wall panels on construction projects offers a variety of benefits to any construction project, commercial or residential. The greatest advantage of prefabricated wall panels is their ability to help construction projects stick to tight budgets and strict timelines. Because panels are built and delivered according to the exact specifications of each job, construction professionals don’t have to worry about wasted material, labor shortages, or weather delays. Additional benefits of wall panel components include: 

  • Allowing for construction progress to continue without interruption
  • Adhering to tight budgets
  • Offering a high degree of quality and durability
  • Precisely engineered wall panels 
  • Helping create a safer job site
  • Making installation quick and seamless
  • Reducing waste on projects
  • Helping combat labor shortages on construction projects

Prefabricated wall panels are highly beneficial for the following applications:

  • Multi-Family construction
  • New home builds
  • Home additions
  • Garages
  • Barns, stables, and other outbuildings

Prefabricated Wall Panels at Standard Supply & Lumber

We take pride in producing high-quality wall panels, and our production supervisor has decades of experience. Our expertly trained staff, led by our production supervisor with decades of experience, build dependable wall panels that have been designed and engineered specifically for your unique applications. When you need a quality wall panel manufacturer for your next project, you can rely on Standard Supply & Lumber to deliver. Request a quote today for your next project.