How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel: Helpful Tips & Tricks

Your Guide to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are an exciting undertaking often end with a beautiful result, but the process in between can make homeowners feel out of place in their own homes. To help make the process more manageable, we discuss tips and tricks for how to survive a kitchen remodel below. 

Top 3 Kitchen Remodel Survival Tips

Every kitchen remodel is different. Some are painless and stress-free, while others are more complex for a number of reasons. Regardless of the scope and size of your project, here are some ideas to help set it up for success. 

1. Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time for Your Kitchen Renovation

Preparing for a kitchen remodel is important not only for the space itself but also for minimizing your own stress levels throughout the process. In addition to packing up the items in your kitchen cabinets, you’ll also want to mentally prepare yourself for the noise, commotion, and added mess that comes with a renovation. Accept that it’s going to be a loud and messy process, but remember the reasons why you’re doing it. 

Part of preparing for your kitchen remodel also includes making a plan and having a solid timeline that everyone is on board with. Putting up a bulletin board in a high-traffic area will help make sure everyone involved in the renovation is aware of the timeline. If you have an estimated timeline of how the renovation should progress and when it will be complete, that gives you something to look forward to. Having an end in sight will also help you realize that your living situation is only temporary and that things will return to normal soon. 

2. Consider Having a Temporary Living Arrangement

The most ideal way to handle a kitchen remodel is by having an alternative living arrangement while construction is happening. This means you don’t have to live through the noise and the dust, and you’ll have access to a full working kitchen in the meantime. However, this option isn’t for everybody as it can be costly to take on yourself or inconvenient for family members to take you in. 

If having an alternative living arrangement isn’t possible, here are a few tricks for making living through a kitchen renovation more doable: 

  • Create a makeshift kitchen, complete with a coffee maker, toaster, mini fridge, slow cooker, hot plate, and more. You’ll also want to create a separate dining space, whether that’s outside on the deck or in another room in the house around a folding table.  
  • Have disposable kitchenware readily available, including silverware, plates, and cups to reduce cleanup. 
  • Put together a menu ahead of time that you can cook in your makeshift kitchen that uses minimal ingredients and require minimal cleanup. Slow cooker meals are a tasty and easy option that can still be nutritious. If you’re completing eliminating the idea of cooking during this time, make sure to add a takeout or fast food budget to your overall kitchen remodel budget. 
  • Clean up immediately after each meal. This will eliminate the extra stress of having a mess in your already-cramped living space. 

3. Hire a Kitchen Designer and Remodeling Expert

Above all, to make the kitchen remodel process as painless as possible, we recommend hiring a kitchen designer and remodeling expert. Having experts manage the construction, including the ordering of materials, installation of new appliances, and scheduling of subcontractors, will make the process less stressful for the homeowner. 

In addition to making the process less stressful for you, you can also be more confident that an expert is handling the execution of your kitchen remodel. This means that mistakes will be avoided and you’ll be left with the best possible results. 

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