The Best West Michigan Window Supplier: Standard Supply & Lumber

Installing high-quality windows can make all the difference in a home’s natural lighting and energy efficiency. At Standard Supply & Lumber, we’re proud to provide an extensive selection of durable windows from leading brands in the industry — perfect for your next renovation or construction project. 

The next time you find yourself looking for new windows, Standard Supply & Lumber is here to be your go-to West Michigan window supplier. 

Standard Supply & Lumber Is Your West Michigan Window Supplier

For over 100 years, Standard Supply & Lumber has been a trusted West Michigan window supplier. Read on to learn more about what we offer, including window styles, materials, and best-in-class brands. 

Window Styles for Any Home

Our window selection includes a variety of popular window styles built with superior craftsmanship that will fit any home’s style. Not sure what style suits your home? Our expert team will help you every step of the way!

At Standard Supply & Lumber, you can choose from stunning window styles that include:

  • Casement: Hinge at the side and open outward to the left or right (also known as crank windows, since you turn a crank to open them)
  • Picture: A single pane of glass without any rails or details to offer an unobstructed view of the outside (also known as fixed windows because they don’t open)
  • Skylight: Transmit light into a room from the ceiling, rather than the side walls (also known as roof lights since they’re essentially windows in your roof)
  • Single-hung: Features a lower, operable sash and an upper, fixed sash – the bottom part of the window goes up and down and the top part doesn’t move (also known as single-sash windows) 
  • Double-hung: Features two operable sashes that go up and down, both the top and bottom parts of the window can be opened to provide ventilation (also known as double-sash windows)

Window Materials for Any Budget and Application

Windows can be made from a variety of materials. Choosing the perfect window material for your home can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. We can walk you through every material’s pros and cons, including durability, price, maintenance, customization options, and more. 

At Standard Supply & Lumber, you can choose from top-notch window materials that include:

  • Wood: Provides unmatched durability, customization, and energy performance properties and can be built from a variety of wood options, including cedar, oak, pine, and mahogany.
  • Vinyl: Offers long-lasting durability, easy installation, customization options, and affordable prices. They’re warp and rot-resistant, and their energy-efficient technology provides good insulation and UV protection that can help you save on your next utility bills.
  • Composite: An energy-efficient material made from a combination of wood, metal, and vinyl that offers resistance to moisture, rotting, and warping. 

Windows From Leading Industry Brands

At Standard Supply & Lumber, we’re proud to partner with various leading window manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide range of outstanding products to choose from. With our inventory and knowledgeable staff, it’s easy to find the perfect windows for your home. 

At Standard Supply & Lumber, you can choose from high-quality window brands like:

The Team at Standard Supply & Lumber Is Here for You

If you’re ready to purchase new windows, stop by a Standard Supply & Lumber location today! Our knowledgeable experts are happy to guide you through our wide range of window products and recommend what may be best for your application.

No matter what stage of a project you’re in, our team will be there to support you. We’ll even follow up after you get your new windows to ensure your satisfaction. Plus, we supply the highest quality products from the industry’s best brands so you can be sure you’ll get the highest quality results. Contact us today to learn more.