TimberTech vs. Trex: What’s the Difference, and Which is Best For You?

Composite decking is one of the most durable decking option on the market. One popular option, Trex, is made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic that are bonded together. Another favorite, Timbertech AZEK is created from virgin plastic. Both materials are known for their weather resistance, offering superior protection against warping, rotting, and splitting. Composite decking is a low-maintenance material that doesn’t require any routine staining, sanding, or refinishing. 

If you’re looking into composite decking, TimberTech AZEK and Trex are likely to be the two names you see most often. But how do you choose between these two brands? We’re offering a fair, honest comparison. 

TimberTech & Trex: What’s Better?

In general, when it comes to composite decking, Trex is well-known as the industry leader. Their durability, moisture resistance, fade resistance, and range of beautiful color options makes them the top choice in the composite decking industry.

Let’s take a close look at each of the key categories, so you can see how these brands compare:

Comparing Durability

When investing in a composite wood deck for your home, durability is one of the most important factors when choosing decking materials. Let’s compare TimberTech vs. Trex on the subject of durability. 

TimberTech AZEK

TimberTech AZEK is a durable composite decking product made of cellular PVC, offering superior UV resistance and overall durability to last for many years to come. When it comes to UV resistance and maintaining the vibrancy of your composite decking, TimberTech AZEK is top-notch. After 2,150 hours of testing, TimberTech’s composite decking had no perceptible changes in appearance. Though TimberTech AZEK decking has Trex beat in in UV resistance, Trex is guaranteed against perceptible fading for 25 years, and will replace your deck if it fades.


Trex is an extremely durable product – it’s widely known as being one of the most durable composite decking materials on the market. Plus, Trex offers superior scratch resistance. Scratches on your new composite deck can be a problem for some homeowners, but for others, it’s just part of its regular wear and tear. How important scratch resistance is to you is based on personal preference. 

Comparing Resistance to Moisture

Moisture resistance is one of the most important parts of choosing a decking material. Part of what makes all composite decking so resistant to moisture is the protective plastic coating that also works against fading, staining, and mold. This protective coating serves to shed moisture before it penetrates what is already a highly-resistant core material. 

Let’s compare the different approaches TimberTech and Trex take to these protective plastic coatings and moisture resistance. 


AZEK/TimberTech coats all four sides of their boards in this protective plastic coating. The goal behind this is to seal out moisture completely, leaving no room for it to get in or drain out. The product’s synthetic nature makes it resistant to damage from moisture, mold, and mildew.


On the other hand, Trex coats the top and visible sides of their boards. Their philosophy is that in the unlikely event that moisture enters the deck boards, leaving the bottom uncoated allows the moisture to be able to escape. 

TimberTech and Trex take two different approaches to this issue of moisture. Choosing which works best for a specific outdoor space and how much moisture resistance matters will vary with each homeowner. Rest assured that both brands have an almost spotless record for moisture resistance. 

Pricing and Warranty

When it’s a close decision, sometimes it simply comes down to which material fits better in your budget. Let’s look at TimberTech and Trex on the topics of price and warranty. 

TimberTech AZEK

While the price of your decking will depend on varying factors, TimberTech AZEK materials can be a more expensive investment than Trex. 

Depending on the product line, TimberTech offers limited product warranties of 25 years, 50 years, and a lifetime. For fade and stain warranties, they offer 25 years, 30 years, and 50 years. 


How big or small or deck is will alter the cost of your materials, but overall, Trex decks are typically a more affordable option as compared to Timbertech AZEK. For both product warranties and fade and stain warranties, Trex offers 25 years. 

Choosing the warranty and price point that works for you is a personal decision for each homeowner based on your budget, how long you plan to stay in your home, and the intended use for your outdoor space. To discuss the needs of your outdoor space, contact our decking experts. 

Composite Decking at Standard Supply & Lumber

Whether TimberTech or Trex is best for your home, Standard Supply & Lumber has both options available to you. Give us a call or contact us online to find the perfect selection for your home.